As the son of a motor journalist Kai became intrigued by rally photographs of the 60's and took his first pictures at the age of 11.

In 1994 he started shooting for German car magazines while studying photography and film design where he focused on themes revolving around global youth culture.

Kai moved to London in '97 and his life-inspired, location-based work appeared in lifestyle- and fashion magazines such as Esquire, The Face and GQ.

His visual approach found worldwide recognition for its unusually vibrant take on the seemingly mundane.

Following his move to New York in 2000 his work for international advertising clients intensified.

From highly conceptional photography, his photographic views gradually shifted towards a more personal and dynamic approach.

He now lives in Berlin since 2008 and his list of agencies and customers in industry and publishing spans the world.

Kai believes that a keen eye for the now and an ongoing experimental process are what make a photographer a great creative.



London 2000


New York 2001


London 2001


Berlin 2008



Germany 1995


Germany 1997


New York 2001
Kai has an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. On the VW campaign we worked on, he spent three days running between the camera and the cars making small technical adjustments as the weather kept changing. German know-how with a great understated sense of humour. Much like VW. The final shots were amazing.
-Steve Wioland, Art Director, DDB London

His promotional pieces were my first introduction to his work. What stood out was his excellent use of subject placement in his photographs and how he conveys a sense of humor in everyday situations. Each subject maintains a certain rhythm, a sort of relaxed anticipation. I also like the way he mixes the formality of portraiture with different environments and available colors, and then fuses these elements to compose each image. Kai's photographs will pull you in immediately and demand that you spend some time with them. It will be time well spent.
-Zana Woods, Sr. Photo Editor, Wired Magazine

We did this unbridled shoot for Panasonic on a really crazy schedule. The shoot was hilarious, and Kais patience and enthusiasm profound.
Kai made it look easy.
-Jenny Read, Sr. Producer, Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners NYC

Kai has a rare ability to think conceptually whilst also being hands-on. We have worked together on numerous location and studio based projects including: The Las Vegas desert, a guerilla style road shoot in the New Jersey suburbs and creating beautiful abstract shapes in studio. What all these stories have in common is great production and great photography whilst holding on to concepts and the need to communicate through pictures. He is an outstanding creative.
-Ash Gibson, Creative Director, Men's Health U.K.